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Dear volunteers
Welcome to our project

We are an non profit association dedicated to a sustainable, well being and free education lifestyle, born in 2010 out of a dream to reconnect with nature and our true nature. We also dedicate to cthe creation of a food forest garden that is very productive and is in a moment of expansion.


– Learning in freedom – Unschooling (learning according to our interests and passions and supporting each other). There is at least one child.
– Agro forest garden (using agro forest and permaculture tecniques)
– Wellbeing (through nature connection, Kundalini yoga, meditation, dance, music, healthy eating habits, retreats, sharing circles).
– Improving the spaces and promoting the project, letting the world knowing what we are doing here

Moabi, A Kundalini Yoga teacher passionate of live, nature, dance, creativity and learning in freedom
Manu, A curiose and friendly 9 year old boy.
Gennaro, A quite and friendly architect/Agro-forest professional dedicated and passionate about his work
Giulia, a friendly fun dedicated youtuber with a channel on uplifting and vegan food
– Federico, an adventures friendly man who loves the Ocean, boats, building, nature and community life
– Arenui, just arrived to the planet, amazing baby energy…

Current ways to participate>

– Child(ren) Supporter
– Natural Builder & Helper
– Garden helper

Volunteer – Child supporter
Support a 9 year old boy to develop his interests… He is very creative, friendly, curios, very interested in animals, water, science, human body, dinosaurs and he can speak English. You can also come and share your passion with him (let us know what that is) and help him with his projects.
We receive also other families, so maybe other children to interact with, support, play games, share your interests.
(all year long)

Volunteer – Organic Garden Helper
It will be given to you notions about our food forest garden and how it got so productive. In the garden the works are:
– Seeding
– Planting
– A bit weeding
– Compost
– Mulching
– Picking
– Making conserves
(apply for beginning March to end September)

Volunteer – Eco builder/Helper
We are now Improving the living spaces and building with cob 🙂
(apply for beginning April to end September)

What is there for you
– Place to sleep – Caravan or tent
– Communal kitchen with all necessary tools
& gas to cook
– Interesting books in our small library
– Compost toilet
– Hot Shower
– Washing machine
– Ride to shop
– Good vibe
– One time in the week Communal
organization meeting
– Music and dance Jam Session (once a month)
– Lots of free time 🙂
– Some Kundalini Yoga classes/meditations in the week

What is expected from you:
3 Hours work 5 days a week
+ 1 hour week dedicated to communal cleanings
(Everybody in the community participates)
Buy and cook your own meals
2 euros daily contribution
Enjoy kids
Good vibe

Until soon
All the best!