TRIBODAR Start up Ecovillage

Expanding your power eco-village


We are one family, two adults and one kid of 9 years old
willing to expand until five families from March 2020
so we become more powerful together
creating paradise on earth 🙂

*If you only want to visit the info is down


This is the start up of Tribodar ecovillage where the basic core of the project is to empower ourselves, each other and the physical space that supports our learnings and healings, expanding the forest garden, arts and events. 

How do we empower ourselves?

  • Love
  • Doing what we like and give us energy
  • Being clear with our limits
  • Commit
  • Going through the challenges aware
    Using them to grow into better people
  • Healing what we need

How do we empower each other?

  • Love
  • Encouragement
  • Connecting
  • Being honest
  • Trust
  • Taking responsibility by our own feelings
  • Being clear with our limits
  • Making time 
  • Working together in harmony
  • Celebrating life together
    (Music, dance, singing, pizza nights…. 🙂

How do we empower the spaces?

  • Making it beautiful and practical
  • Putting things back in places
  • Working together
  • Having only what we need

(we really need to keep working on this one, as we cluttered throughout the years)

Start up Ecovillage

The foundation
Empower ourselves, each other and the spaces
Be good/friendly neighbors with respect for each other’s choices and needs
Connect where we feel
☆ Unschooling or Homeshooling
Give 4 hours (per family) weekly to a regular or irregular activity with kids (out of the computer)
Pay own bills
Having own solar panel
Do our best to work towards sustainability
Give X monetary contribution or X daily hours to improve the project
Monday regular meeting to organize the week activities, personal needs and speak whatever is needed in a safe space
☆ Having your own caravan, yourt, tipi, dome…

Everybody has its own way to earn money individually or in common projects…

Remember we are here to empower ourselves and each other as good neighbors 😉
If travelling is what is calling you somehow that’s what you should do!
Inform the other families so they can organize accordingly and we make sure that there is always someone at the land
☆ It’s nice, if possible, if your home can be used with respect by other families or volunteers when you are not here …. *very optional
☆ The base is to be at Tribodar at least five-six month in the year

Where we are at and where we want to be?

We are still linked to homeschooling. We will be probably join Clonlara next year.
☆ We are joining the Pirate family every 15 in 15 days a start-up project of different homeschool/unschool families in Castelo de Vide (30km from us) where we do cooperative games, help on the building, share workshops… and the idea is to keep the cooperation with Tribodar.
☆ We go to homeschooling – Unschooling camps
☆ We want to have this bigger group of families that between all will give a bigger support and have different skills to share with the kids and each other too
☆In Tribodar we feel 4-5 families is the maximum it supports, but we dream that other families buy land around and join the project too… lots of land to sale


  • Lots of outdoor space, in the Alentejo nature with many olive trees
  • All basic conditions to live: Shower, Compost toilet, Washing machine
    (are basic now and we want to improve it!)
  • Communal Kitchen with all the needed materials (Needs to be better closed and make nice floor)
  • Caravans and dormitories (needs to be made a shelter and improve isolation and hitting)
  • Small library
  • Round house for all purposes (needs to be made a nice floor and we can decide together if we close it or keep it open)
  • Wood hoven
  • Workshop with basic tools 
  • Forest garden (its amazing and will be expanded also with agro forest techniques)
  • We would love to have some kids nice playground with treehouse, wood boat, outdoor music chilophone…

Be aware the conditions are simple and room for a lot of improvement. We believe that together we can transform it into a paradise for all!

Developing our potentials

Moabi – Inner house cleaner and stronger 🙂 my life mission is to help others to expand too through kundalini yoga classes and retreats. The times I have been doing people say it has a big influence on their well being and that feels my heart with a lot of joy!
I want to uplift my art skills and beautifying Tribodar with beautiful mosaic work and many plants/flowers 🙂
I love to be a mother, see Manu discover and follow his passions! I am learning so much about myself through motherhood 🙂

Gennaro – Discovered his passion for the garden here in Tribodar. He gives courses at Tribodar and Italy.  People are impressed with his results of growing food, especially here in this area of the country. When he finishes building our house he wants to dedicate fully to plant, the courses and maybe a youtube channel 🙂

Manu – Loves playing!! A bit of a challenge for him to focus on curriculum, but we do as fun as possible. Other then that he is so happy with the family living with us, enjoys a lot to draw and he is really developing that skill, loves to create and listen to stories, go to museums (has the idea to have his own museum one day), looooves animals and is also enjoying a lot our Pirate family gathering and games.
He loves computer games, has a limit of 3 hours in the week.


This is a resume to give you a better picture of the present moment.Please let us know if this resonates with you… feel free to share your dreams and any suggestions



  • We can receive visitant families/volunteers the best is to come with own mobilhome – tent with minimal stay of 5 days.
    The contributions
    5 to 10 days – 10 euros daily
    From 11 days – 5 Euros daily
    This money is used to pay basic expenses and improve the project

Please send an email to
and let us know about you and your family

WELCOME! Together we are more 😉