Welcome! Tribodar Freedom Learning is bringing together families in homeschooling, unschooling or any families that are curious about learning in freedom, enjoying and engaging in our guidelines. Join us for a short period or long term by settling down in the neighborhood of Tribodar and becoming an active part of the Families Project.

Families can join the project either short term by coming to enjoy the freedom, the spaces and some together activities or on long term by settling down in the neighborhood of Tribodar and becoming an active part of the Families Project.

As short term what you will find is a peaceful atmosphere and eco simple environment where families can enjoy to be and explore at own time and rhythm or also to engage in daily activities from the farm and/or shared workshops for adults&children. You will also find interesting projects going on. We are building an eco house from scratch and dedicated to build a food forest.

If you really enjoy the project and decide to join as long term we will feel together how we want to organize our learning processes according to everybody needs. The families project is FREE OF CHARGE for long term participants.


Self-initiated learning
Children who choose freely where to get involved. The adults are there to give support.
Availability of knowledge
Adults who share their passions and knowledge through workshops / activities they propose for children and other adults. Adults bringing children to their places of educational interest, such as museums, libraries, nature, specialists, theater, projects …
Support required and Guidance
Family and other supporters who give time to guide and help children in what they need.
Learning spaces
Different spaces that provide the conditions and tools that allow learning different types of activities.
Meeting needs
A basic tool for action is to listen to what each one involved needs and inter help us.
Peaceful environment
A peaceful atmosphere where we all propose to help each other in our learnings and processes
Humans are holistic beings with certain intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. Provide time and space to meet all of these needs.
Learning related to what makes sense to learn in the present moment by necessity, curiosity or personal interest.
Connection with Nature
As human beings we are also Nature. Re-connect this link and respect for Mother Earth. Learning in nature and helping the ecosystem to recover.
Parents as an example
The example is a very strong way of teaching in a practical and energetic way. Working on ourselves, we are passing this on to our children as well.
Shared Tasks
Everyone helps what enjoys/can with the day-to-day tasks of the community.
We love and value children playing and learning only through the flow of life. It’s incredible !!
0 point
This means each person/family using the things are responsible to put them back in their places: that is called the 0 point

What we have to offer

  • Simple eco-spaces to learn and practice freely and with some activities according to the needs of kids and parents. We share our passions and knowledge with each other and also activities offered by the volunteers that come from all over the world to support Tribodar. Arts, games, dance, yoga, meditations, acoustic music, reading, writing, circus practices, are some of the activities we normally do.
  • Lots of outdoor space, in the Alentejo nature with many olive trees
  • At least one family to interact living in Tribodar  with a very friendly, sociable 8-year-old child who speaks fluently Portuguese and English and a neighbor family 10 minuts walk with 2 kids.
  • All basic conditions to live: Shower, Compost toilet, Washing machine, Communal Kitchen with all the needed materials
  • Caravans and dormitories
  • Small library
  • Many creative materials
  • Round house for all purposes
  • Wood hoven
  • Trampoline
  • Workshop with basic tools
  • Regular Jam sessions of music, dance, voice expression around the fire
  • Occasional hypnotic/shamanic journeys
  • Kundalini Yoga classes and meditations
  • Tips for visiting around
  • In case of long term participant, when there is enough confidencewe take care of each other kids in balance spread time for parents to have time of. Parents that need a lot of time of can support other parents financially to help guiding the kids.




What we ask from Participants

  • Read well and enjoy the guidelines and Vision of the project
  • Sending an email to telling us a bit about you and your family, your passions/needs at the moment and the motivation to join Tribodar
  • Buy and cook your own meals (we invite each other to eat sometimes 🙂
  • According to your possibilities make your own contribution daily price. This money is invested to improve the conditions of the project.
  • Minimal stay of 5 days

Join in! Together we are more 😉