EXPERIENCES Learn ~ Unlearn ~ Heal ~ Create


♡ For individuals, couples, groups or families


WELL-BEING Kundalini Yoga, Meditations & Nature

VACATION with guidence

FAMILIES Relax ~ Enjoy ~ Connect


This is an experience integrated in our day to day life, where you will learn and help within the projects we are working on at the moment. You will have lots of time for your own explorations and activities. If you are interested we will do some well-being practices such as Yoga, Meditation & Jam sessions 🙂 ✹Agro-forest ✹Natural building ✹Spaces design and Improvement
  • 2 hours dailly (majority practice but there will be some theory as well)
  • 3-10 days
  • 1-10 people
  • Value: 11e dailly contribution including: *Sleaping in caravan or tent (you can also bring yours if you prefer) *All basic eco conditions *Communal kitchen with all needed tools *Yoga and meditation sessions *Music/Jam session around the fire * Lunch meal (All the rest is on you)

RELEASE & RELAX Supported by Kundalini Yoga, Meditations & Nature

This is a soul journey to re-center yourself, release stress from body and mind throught the practices of Kundalini Yoga and meditations in connection with Nature and Moabi’ s guidence and support ✹Dailly practice Kundalini Yoga session 1h30m ✹Daily meditation between 30m and 1h ✹A daily Q&A + Sharings 30m to 1h
  • 3 days
  • 1-10 people✹ECO AND SIMPLE CONDITIONS Overnight in caravan or tent *Dry simple toillet *Hot shower *All food included ~ Vegan/vegetarian meals made and shared together Value: 33 euros dailly To know more about this practices and Moabi´s work visit www.moabiatma.com

EXPORING with guide

If you are looking to enjoy the countryside of Portugal and would like to stay with us, at the same time have some guidence and company adventure around here be welcome!
  • Every other day we will take you to a nice place in the surroundings in the afternoons (Near to 50km) from rivers to waterfall, castels, alternative projects to get inspirations, art museums…
  • You need to have your own car
  • Sleaping in caravan or tent (you can also bring yours if you prefer)
  • You can ask extra activities that we (or neighbours) will provide *Meals *Yoga and/or Meditation session according to your needs *Hypnosis and past life regression *Reflexology * Let us know what you are looking for and your needs at the moment
  • Welcoming vegan/vegetarian meal (All the rest is on you)
  • Communal kitchen with all needed tools
  • All basic eco conditions
  • 1-4 people
  • 3-7 days
  • Value: 20e per person

FAMILIES Relax~Enjoy~Connect

If you are a familiy wanting to relax at the same time than enjoying some activities with and without your kids be very welcome!
  • An activity a day *Kundalini Yoga *Meditations *Music Jam *Felt *Wool mandalas *Class about animals (By Manu 11years old) *Adventures in Nature *Visiting different kind of projects
  • Lunch meal together (All the rest is on you)
  • Communal kitchen with all needed tools
  • All basic eco conditions
  • 1- 3 families
  • 3-5 days
  • Value: 29e dailly per familly (2-3 people) 39e dailly per family (4-5 people)

We are looking foward to welcome, guide and serve you! For registration and any other question tribodarviva@gmail.com