WELCOME to our Healing~Creative Camps

For individuals, couples, groups or families

Enjoy the Healing~Creative sessions that will support your personal growth and transformation, being able to release your blockages and access more and more of your inner power! Also explore the surroundings connecting with nature and different simple and efective rituals…

♡ Healing~creative camp in a simple place in the countryside Portugal, near Nisa
♡ A program adapted to your needs!
♡ Create in and out Paradise!


The integrated experience

This program includs:
♡ One activity per day accordying to your needs
♡ You can observe and make questions about our livestyle and projects also get involved if you want
♡ You will have lots of time for your own exploration and activities
♡ You make your own cooking and cleaning in our communal kitchen
♡ All basic eco-camping conditions


Per person
3 days 77€
5 days 117€
7 days 147€

CouplesFamilies 2-3 people
3 days 107€
5 days 147€
7 days 177€

Families 4-6 people
3 days 167€
5 days 207€
7 days 277€

The familly experience


Kundalini Yoga Session – 2h
Kundalinini Yoga has the power to clear our inner blockages, rebalance the nervous and glandular systems, empower the immune system and clear our minds. Each session is designed to attain a certain result (for example: work on release tension, sleaping desorders, improve flexibility, stress, deeply relax, etc…. . At the end of the session we do a deep relaxation to integrate all the process.

Guided Meditations – 30m to 1h
The guided meditations are designed to clear our subconscious mind and higher our vibration.

Breathing Session 1h to 1h 30m
In this session the breaths will be connected with no gap between the inhale and the exhale and you will relax deeply on each exhalation. This is called “conscious connected breathing” wich helps to accumulate breath energy and to direct it to the heart area and lower chakras where we have locked away most of our emotional memories.

As the breath energy accumulates it naturally moves to the areas of blockage in the energy body that are ready to release. By this means, we can trust that we will receive only what we are ready to process and that the session will be just what we need. Among the range of experiences that might occur, you may notice tingling or vibrating, tension and release of tension, trembling, sensations of heat or cold, vivid memories, insights, or release of emotions such as sadness, anger, fear, or joy. As each of these is resolved through relaxation and expression, a peaceful, relaxed, and open state is reached.

Sound healing – 1h
Sound healing is an ancient form of healing that is gaining popularity. Our body is composed about 70% of water. With sound healing we are clearing and enhancing our vibration by cleaning our inner waters. We will use simple and powerfull exercises using our own voice, shamanic drum and shruti box.

Fire ritual
We start with a guided meditation to connect with our hearts using the shamanic drum and ask within, “What do I need to release, what doesn’t serve me anymore.” We can gather pictures, drawings, artwork, and write intentions of what we want to release and also what we will substitute for! Before burning we can share with others, if wanted our intentions and what we are needing to let go of! Simple and so powerfull healing practice.

Journaling Session
Journaling is about writing with some intention and ending up connecting with the subconsciuos mind. This tecnique has been proving many efective results on both releasing and manifesting areas of ourlifes.

Heart sharing circle
This is a safe space to share whatever people feel like to express and all the questions are also welcome to be clarified of any of the processes that the person is living.


It is a therapy that involvs pressure in certain points of the feet related to all areas of our body helping to restablish health and balance. This is the only activity in this healing sessions that you can choose as an extra.


Wool Mandalas – 1h
Also known as good eyes are a tradiction of soudh America as good luck object made for yourself or as a present with a specific intention.

Felting Projects – 1h
With raw wool we will be making someting simple and you will learn and explore the art of creating tissue. We will make a simple project like an exfoliant soap or a bracelet but can explain you more complex longer projects to make at home.

Mosaic Creation 1-2 hours
You will make a small project of mosaic with a drawing or just a base idea and live your mark at Tribodar 😉

Manu class about animals
Manu 10 years old is a lover of animals since ever. He has a natural gift to teach and share about his passion. He will be sharing with you about incredible animals with interesting characteristics 🙂

Regenerating soils with efective tecniques is the speciality of Gennaro living here in Tribodar. If you want a consultation and workshop you can also requested as an extra. He gives also on-line consultations and support as well as cources in different places both in Portugal and Italy.

Explore surroundings
Whatever you enjoy doing or not doing ofcource 😉 There are several beautiful and refreshing places to go in the surroundings in an area between 7 and 40 kilometers. Rivers, dams, a waterfolll, castles, fluvial beaches, museums, etc…

Foot reflexology ~ 15€ 30 minuts
Agro forest workshop ~ 20€ 1h
Organic vegetables (varies)

Camps happen from begining June to end september. As long as we have space you can choose your dates from 3 to 7 days. We accept 1 to 10 people at the time.

Your own tent or caravan + sleaping blankents. We can provide matresses when needed!
Comunal simple shower with hot water
Comunal compost toillet

We advice to bring flashlight, natural cosmetics and your basic needs.
To participate we advice to have your own car. Otherwise to explore the surrounding you will have to enjoy the walking possibilities like Nisa or other nature surroudings.

Temperatures in the summer normally are around 30º-35º but they can rise up to 40º some days.
We are in countryside and there are animals, non being danger.

Feel free to reserve your dates sending an email to tribodarviva@gmail.com

We are trully looking foward to share our gifts with you and proporcionate a powerfull healing~creative~learning camp days for you! Until soon ♡