Living an eco lifestyle means making choices that prioritize the health of the planet and its inhabitants. We are growing our food and building our organic structures. It also involves a commitment to reducing waste, conserving resources, and minimizing our impact on the environment. Simple steps like using reusable bags, switching to energy-efficient appliances, and choosing sustainably sourced products can have a significant impact. By adopting an eco lifestyle, we can help preserve the planet for future generations and create a healthier, more sustainable world for all.


Learning in freedom means embracing a path of self-discovery that allows us to explore our inner selves without limitations or boundaries. It’s about breaking free from the confines of societal expectations and discovering our true passions and purpose. As we learn to be free as a soul, we develop a deep sense of inner peace, fulfillment, and joy that allows us to live life on our own terms. By cultivating this sense of freedom in our learning and in our lives, we can unlock our full potential and become the best version of ourselves.


Caring for the Earth and people involves not only sustainable actions, but also nurturing our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The practices of yoga, meditation and dance allow us to connect with ourselves, each other and nature in a deeper way. Yoga strengthens our bodies, calms our minds and connects us with the earth, while meditation cultivates inner peace and emotional balance. Dance helps us express ourselves freely, and connect with others through movement. By integrating these practices into our lives, we can create a more balanced and harmonious world, where we take care of the planet, support each other, and prioritize our own wellbeing.


As city life took its toll, we began to feel a deep yearning to return to nature, grow our own organic food, and create a sanctuary where we could reconnect with ourselves and rekindle our passions. We envisioned a space where others could do the same – a place for healing, creativity, and learning, where people of all ages could come together to connect with nature and explore their inner selves. With this vision in mind, we set out to create a space that offers a range of experiences and events that cater to all ages, from 0 to 99. Our aim is to provide a welcoming space that nurtures personal growth, fosters community, and inspires a deeper connection to the natural world.

Moabi | Well-being guide

From a young age, Moabi knew that her passion lay in promoting human wellbeing, personal growth, self-knowledge, healing, and creativity. She recognized the importance of living a simple, happy life in harmony with nature, and understood that with the right tools, we can create our own paradise both inside and out. Moabi dedicates her life to this pursuit, graduated in Kundalini Yoga and did numerous courses and experiences in meditation and art therapy. Her diverse skills and experiences allow her to guide others towards inner peace, personal growth, and greater connection with themselves and the world around them.

Moabi also gives on-line Kundalini Yoga classes. For more info you can visit her personal website

Gennaro | AgroForest teacher

When we first set out to create our garden, we were complete novices when it came to growing food. We made many mistakes along the way, but we were determined to make it work. Then, Gennaro joined our project, and everything changed. His passion for soil and his incredible knowledge helped us transform our garden into a thriving oasis of fresh produce. We could see the difference right away – our plants were happier, healthier, and more vibrant than ever before..

Gennaro now gives cources and accompanies various projects in Portugal and Italy Personal facebook: Gennaro Cardone

Manu | 13 years old

Manu is a remarkable young boy, born and raised in the countryside. He has a deep love and appreciation for nature and animals, and is equally passionate about technology, games, drawing, and discovering new things. He is curiose and  approaches life with an open mind and an eagerness to learn. During our family fun days, Manu shares his knowledge and passion for animals by leading workshops that are both informative and engaging.

Our cat Djimboba


Thank you for the most incredible experience Moabi. I never thought I could learn and heal so much in such a short space of time. You have helped me open my mind and my heart and I am forever grateful to you!


“Our experience at Tribodar is truly transformative! In an environment of great love, in the midst of nature we find our nature more intensely! We learn something everyday, how food is prepared for the soil, how an eco-project works, about agro-forest, how we can adapt to a life so simple and so enriching!  My son is so grateful, I perceive in his eyes and even in the special affection as that of gratitude for the experience and for feeling that he is more mature, stronger and more conscious !!! “

Paula`s Family

Our family (me, my husband and our two kids age 7 and 2) stayed couple of weeks in Tribodar. It was amazing time, amazing people and many beautiful experiences. Tribodar welcomed us so very warmly; truly it has this magical atmosphere and Moabi and Gennaro are the magic makers there! During these weeks I felt I was learning so many new things, getting totally inspired, having lots of fun, laughing with the kids and also learning new stuff about myself. I could not be more grateful! Hope to meet Tribodar and everyone there very soon again!”

Vera´s Family



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