Healing~Creative Camps


Countryside Portugal

The seed – How it all started

When we were living in the city we started to feel the call to back to nature, grow our own organic food and create a place where we could feel ourselfs, re-discover our passions and give the opportunity for others to do the same. Create a space for healing~creative~learning events for people 0~99

Later, when we discovered unschooling we were trully amazed how that would fit into our vision of listening our inner voice and intuition and so we started to learn about it, do it as far as we can with our kid now 10 years and recieving families with the same interests as well.

Healing~Creative camps  

Enjoying 1-2 weeks of a simple lifestle and healing~creative activities such as yoga, meditation, sound healing, vegan/vegetarian cooking, wool and painting mandalas, mosaic creation and ofcource time to simply rest, walk just be.




Since childhood Moabi understood that her passion is about human development, self-knoledge, healing, creativity and living a happy simple life in co-relation with Nature. Moabi is graduated in Kundalini Yoga and has done several courses and experiences on meditation, art therapy and sound healing. 

Moabi gives several sessions at Tribodar and online.

For more info you can visit her personal website


When we arrived we new very little about growing food and it was after many trial and error experiences that we finally got a very productive garden. Specially with the arrival of Gennaro to the project, his dedication, passion and knowledge to create good soil made wonders to grow happy vibrant plants.

Gennaro now gives cources and accompanies various projects in Portugal and Italy

Personal facebook: Gennaro Cardone


“Our experience at Tribodar is truly transformative! In an environment of great love, in the midst of nature we find our nature more intensely! We learn something everyday, about animals, how food is prepared for the soil, how an ecovillage works, about permaculture, how we can adapt to a life so simple and so enriching! Children discover what they like, decide what to learn and explore freely and happily their talents, as well as responsibility for space and community living, participating in some important tasks of collective space. My son is so grateful, I perceive in his eyes and even in the special affection as that of gratitude for the experience and for feeling that he is more mature, stronger and more conscious !!! “

João e Paula

“At summer 2018 our family (me, my husband and our two kids age 7 and 2) stayed couple of weeks in Tribodar. It was amazing time, amazing people and many beautiful experiences. Tribodar welcomed us so very warmly; truly it has this magical atmosphere and Moabi and Gennaro are the magic makers there! During these weeks I felt I was learning so many new things, getting totally inspired, having lots of fun, working hard, laughing with the kids and also learning new stuff about myself. I could not be more grateful! Hope to meet Tribodar and everyone there very soon again!”

Veera, Ricardo, Oni & Ismael

I stayed here for 2 months and have to say that it was such a wonderful experience . the work was varied and included cob building , gardening , olive picking amongst many other things . i learnt a great deal about myself and community living .
I had the opportunity to partake in various workshops that included drumming, yoga , meditation, bicycle repair and of course the 7 day edible olives .
I met such a wide range of people who all had things to teach and share . some of the volunteers that i met here are now very good friends and i am staying in touch with them after my time here .
I would like to thank Gennaro, Moabi and of course Minky for all the experiences i had during my stay with them . I am sure i will see you all again soon .

Daryl Ross



Central Portugal


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Mother, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and on-line instroctur with the project  “Be happy-the voice of the soul “constant creator, lover of life, nature, arts and people…
personal website


Focused and passionated about creating soil and happy plants Dedicates with soul in whatever he does … Gives agro forest courses mainly in Italy


10 years, Lover of water, animals, dinosaurs, imaginary worlds, painting, exploring, playing, cooking, games…


Father, Musician, philosopher hypnose/shamanic practicioner, lover of Nature, walks, people…