Families Workshop days


We are so happy to share our knowledge with families through a variety of workshops, fostering connections both amongst ourselves and with the natural world. Our experiences are crafted to be enjoyable, enriching, and educational adventures for all!

Our workshop selection is carefully crafted to engage all age groups, providing immersive experiences for families. With thrilling treasure hunts weaving tales of hidden treasures, and captivating animal workshops uncovering the wonders of the natural world, we offer both learning and bonding opportunities. Our improvisation games add a dynamic element, enhancing the narrative and teamwork. Our hands-on workshops include felting wool and creating wool mandalas. Lastly, we offer stretching sessions and Chakra dance.


Connection games
Connection games are interactive activities designed to foster deeper social interactions and strengthen the bonds between participants. These games often emphasize open communication, active listening, empathy, and cooperation. They encourage individuals to engage authentically, share experiences, and build trust within a group setting. Connection games can range from icebreakers that help people get to know each other better, to more intricate activities that encourage vulnerability and promote a sense of unity.

Treasure hunt
A treasure hunt is an exciting and interactive activity where participants follow a series of clues or riddles to find a hidden “treasure” or prize. Often organized in outdoor or indoor settings, treasure hunts encourage problem-solving, teamwork, and exploration. Participants work together to decipher clues, navigate a predefined path, and ultimately locate the hidden item or location. This engaging and playful experience can be tailored to various themes and age groups, making it a popular choice for parties, team-building events, and educational activities.

Animal education workshop
An animal-themed workshop offers an engaging learning experience where participants explore various aspects of the animal kingdom. Through interactive activities, discussions, and educational materials, attendees gain insights into animal behavior, habitats, and conservation. This workshop fosters a deeper connection to nature and promotes awareness about the importance of coexisting with and protecting animals.

Wool Felting
Discover the joy of felting wool together as a family! This tactile and creative activity allows everyone to explore their artistic side while bonding over the process of transforming fluffy wool into beautiful felted creations.

Wool mandala
In this workshop, families will explore the ancient practice of mandala creation using colorful wool fibers. Through the rhythmic process of layering and shaping wool, participants will discover the meditative and creative benefits of crafting intricate mandalas. Whether working individually or collaboratively, each wool mandala becomes a unique expression.

Together, we’ll explore gentle stretches and relaxation techniques suitable for all ages. Through this session, families will not only improve flexibility and release tension but also strengthen bonds as they support each other on a journey to greater well-being. Let’s stretch, breathe, and unwind.

Chackra dance
This dynamic workshop offers families an opportunity to explore the body’s energy centers through intuitive movement and music. Guided by uplifting rhythms and mindful choreography, participants will embark on a vibrant exploration of the seven chakras, unlocking inner harmony and vitality. Through this joyful fusion of dance and spirituality, families will deepen their connection to themselves and their own energy centers, leaving refreshed and energized.”


25€ per family per night (Minimal 2 nights)
𖡼 +15€ each activity
𖣰 Accommodation in a dormitory, small caravan or tent with mattresses
Communal kitchen with all utensils
Compost toillet and simple shower with hot water
𖣰 You can also check the extra activities of the Eco-Vacation
(More for adults but some kids enjoy them too!)


Each family takes responsibility for purchasing and organizing their own food. We strive to ensure that we have at least one meal together, enjoying it picnic-style.


𖣰 You can try to book anytime from beginning May to end September. Sometimes, when a family books we announce it as an event and eventually 2-3 other families may join.