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ECO | RETREAT + volunteer

(Minimal stay – 3 nights)

18-23 March
5-12 April
15-20 May
24-30 June
8-13 Jully

BOOK tribodarviva@gmail.com

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✺ BE VERY WELCOME TO ENJOY YOUR ECO | RETREAT + volunteer at Tribodar ✺

In connection with nature enter in a journey into your true nature! At this eco retreat at Tribodar we have ample opportunities to unplug and explore our inner world. You will emerge from this experience feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and transformed. The main tools we use are: Kundalini yoga, meditations, breathwork=pranayama, dance, sharing circles, intuitive energy healing journeys, cacau cerimonies and space for people to share their own wisdom and self transfomation tools. These practices will help you tap into your inner wisdom, release blockages, and feel more and more your inner light.


✦ Two practices dailly: Kundalini Yoga live with Moabi or selected vídeo classes; Meditations, Sound journeys, Dance; Sharing circles. For the ones who want an extra cacau cerimonie will be organized. There is also plenty of time to relax, explore and do what you feel like.

✦1 hour 30m work on different projects related to garden, arts, natural building, improving the spaces… according to your interests and the needs of the project

Kundalini yoga is a spiritual practice that combines physical postures, breathing techniques, meditation, and chanting to awaken dormant energy believed to reside at the base of the spine. This energy, called “kundalini,” is thought to be a path to higher consciousness and spiritual awakening. The practice involves dynamic movements, rapid breathing, and specific meditation methods, aiming to promote self-awareness and inner transformation. Kundalini Yoga is accessible to individuals of all body types and ages.

Meditation is a practice that involves focusing your attention to achieve mental clarity, relaxation, and heightened awareness. It helps reduce stress, enhance well-being, and improve concentration. There are various techniques and forms, but the goal is to find inner calm and self-awareness.
During this eco retreat, you’ll have the chance to engage in both short and extended Kundalini Yoga meditations known for their transformative power. We’ll complement these with some chosen guided meditation sessions.

The 5Rhythms is a movement and dance practice created by Gabrielle Roth. It involves five different rhythms—Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, and Stillness—each representing a unique energy. Participants explore these rhythms through spontaneous movement, promoting self-expression and emotional release. It’s a form of moving meditation that doesn’t require dance expertise.

A sound journey exploring your own voice is an immersive practice that invites introspection through vocalization. Using techniques like chanting, toning, and humming, you express emotions and thoughts authentically. This journey fosters self-expression, emotional release, and self-discovery, even without formal singing skills. Vibrations from your vocal sounds can facilitate healing and mindfulness. Unleash creativity by improvising with your voice and connecting with your inner world. Group sessions can deepen connections as participants collectively explore the power of sound. Embrace this transformative experience to connect with yourself and others through the magic of vocal exploration.

A sharing circle is a supportive gathering where participants openly express feelings and thoughts. Through guided discussions, everyone contributes their perspectives and experiences, creating a space for empathy and connection. This circle encourages active listening, fostering understanding and validation. It’s a safe platform to share personal stories, seek advice, and offer insights. Such circles promote emotional catharsis, broaden perspectives, and build a sense of community. Open communication in this structured setting nurtures trust and authenticity among participants.

A cacao ceremony involves consuming ceremonial-grade cacao in a sacred setting. This ancient practice aims to deepen spiritual connections, promote mindfulness, and encourage inner reflection. Cacao’s natural compounds can enhance mood and focus. The ceremony fosters a sense of unity among participants, allowing emotional release and self-discovery. It’s an opportunity to align with intentions, experience heart-opening effects, and find greater presence and connection within oneself and the community.
There is an aditional cost of 15€-25€ for this ceremony

Reflexology is a complementary therapy that involves applying pressure to specific points on the feet, hands, or ears. These points are believed to correspond to various organs and systems in the body. By stimulating these points, reflexology aims to promote relaxation, balance energy flow, and support overall well-being. It’s often used to alleviate stress, improve circulation, and encourage the body’s natural healing processes.
There is an aditional cost of 15€ for 30m

✦ In dormitory or tent

✦ Vegan-Vegetarian
We cook and clean together in teams.

✦Compost toillet
✦Simple hot shower

✦11 to 22 per night according to your possibilities and will to support the project
(The ingredients for dinner are included – some organic from our garden)

✦Please bring your flashlight and sleaping bag
✦This is a simple place in the countryside
✦This experience is a co-creation

✦Send an email to tribodarviva@gmail.com
Any remaining question please reach out

Looking foward to enter in this experience with you!!
Moabi Atma

To see more pictures and read testemonials follow us on instagram

We also focus on proportionating an eco-vacation and gatherings for families to suppor all ages to connect and tap into their inner creativity and peace.


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