Next dates

8-9 April
16-17 April

With Moabi and Crist&Ana

Kundalini YOGA
GUIDED meditation
PURIFICATION of internal waters
TZOLKIN. Thirteen moon calendar

Let’s refocus
Move and clean indoor waters
Release blocks and accumulated stress
Diving into our inner peace
and relax so that
the soul can expand and express

On weekends 8-9 and/or 16/17 April opens a magical portal of transformation and internal re-connection where we welcome 10 beings who feel this call and want to deepen their work of healing and interior cleansing.

You can participate on weekends separately, those who come to both will have a deeper work!
The sessions of this program have a sequence that allows participants to become aware and cleanse each layer of their being at the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. There is certainly a route and we are here to follow and guide safely.


Day 8
Between 17.00 and 21.00
Opening and welcome

Day 9
9.00 Breakfast
0.00/11.00 GUIDED MEDITATION “Looking inside gently”
11.30/13.20 TZOLKIN Codes that lead to essencial wisdom “Introduction to the Law of Time”
13.30 ALKALINE LUNCH15.00/17.00 KUNDALINI YOGA “Kriya to relax and release fears”
Relax time1
20.20 Circle of PURIFICATION of internal waters “by the senses”
22.30 REST

DAY 10
9.00 Breakfast
10.00/11.00 GUIDED MEDITATION “Waves of Relaxation”
11.30 SACRED Writing13.00 Lunch14.30 Sharing circle
Goodbye and closing


In this meditation we will close our eyes so that they open internally with an affectionate internal look. Guiding you from beta brain state with a more active mind to an Alpha state or even theta with quieter brain waves which brings us to a state of relaxation and where we will begin to reprogram the subconscious.

TZOLKIN. Synchronicity of peace “The cycles”
“Time is an art!”, is what the Law of Time and this liberating knowledge that our beloved Galactic Mayas left. Great masters, who accurately calculated the end of the darkness that humanity would go through and who left us tools to awaken from sleep and live the enchantment of the dream! Let’s make contact with Tzolkin’s 13×20 matrix (frequency 13:20) and the Peace Synchrony (the year 13 moons of 28 days) to better understand what we need to connect to be able to choose and synchronize with natural time: to make choices from the heart and live in practice the “being in the right place, at the right time, with the right people…”

Kundalini YOGA “Kriya to relax and release fears”
Kundalini Yoga is known as The Yoga of Consciousness as well as hormonal and nervous systems re-balance which brings us back to the center with more and more quiet mind and high vibration emotions 🙂In this Kriya = Sequence of exercises for a given goal we will focus on meridians that will release blockages around fears and anger and we will access a lighter place within us. When the stones of the past are removed automatically we feel lighter.

Circle of PURIFICATION of internal waters “by the senses”
The great power of universal water tells us that when we accept to be an active part of our transformation and we help the universe in the collective process of evolution of human consciousness – it magically gives us the support and guidance we need.
You will be guided softly to this journey that will take you deeply within. The Sound, the water and the fire, the voice and the imagination will be our guides.

Guided MEDITATION “Waves of Relax”
This is the closing meditation where we will guide you to a deep relaxation to integrate all this process and movement that happened at the same time as preparing to bring this good energy back to the day to day.

Sacred WRITING “memories of a forgotten dialogue”
In this sacred practice, I saw in me the birth of a being, who would hardly know of its existence if I had not allowed myself to contact me through it.
The establishment of a magical ritual, which only concerns ourselves. An enchanted place in the forest, even being surrounded by noise or intense outdoor (or indoor!). Experiencing the real existence of this place, where our Essence finds space and time to express, between paper and pen, is amazing. A dialogue between our heaven and our earth may emerge, in the cadence of another time, in a hidden temple, perhaps forgotten, but alive in us.


Always passionate about life and our interesting human species. I’ve always enjoyed feeling good and helping people come back to balance and well-being. I practiced and studied different types of yoga and therapies to help me clean my inner home. I experienced several types of meditation, art therapy and shamanic practices – passing through different teachers – mainly in Portugal, Belgium and India.For a long time I identified myself with my thoughts and emotions reacting intensely through their energy. It has been incredible to awaken more and more, releasing my own inner “baggage” and accessing more and more my lightness, light and pure joy. Realizing that when we live in this high vibration, we are 100% the creators of our life!
I graduated as a Kundalini Yoga teacher at Quinta do Rajo in Sintra.
Personal page www.moabiatma.com

Self-taught, soul visionary, artisan, student of the Law of Time, interpreter /reading of Galactic Map Maya, in full process of reconciliation with life, after years in search of the meaning of existence. I live what I believe and believe in the integral self-healing of the human being, as a living process – dancing – between awareness and choices.

Dormitory, caravan or tent

Meals are simple, tasty and nutritious vegan/vegetarian
Mainly organic foods and some from our vegetable garden
We will always have fruit available
PS ~ In the inscription refers to impossibilities or allergies to food

Between 87€ and 147€
Depending on the availability of each

The hygiene conditions are simple, with dry bathroom and hot camping style shower

No prior experience in yoga or meditation is required
Bring sleeping bag, flashlight and a special notebook for you (even better if it’s new) lines or notWe are very happy to serve and welcome you at this event!

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